Clinical Neurology and Neurophysiology

Department: Neurology

On behalf of the Neurology Section of the Medharma CliniX, I welcome you to explore the exceptional patient care, education, and research programs offered through our parallel organizations: Nepal League Against Epilepsy (NLAE), the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Nepal (MDAN), and the Global Nepali Health and Research Center (GNHRC).

Our neurological center of excellence is the newest in the nation and was among the first to establish a dedicated comprehensive clinical care program for Epilepsy, Neuromuscular and Autonomic Disorders in Nepal.

Medharma CliniX provides a Comprehensive Neurological Clinical care program and is the first specialty clinic in the country devoted entirely to diagnosing and treating rare and uncommon nervous system disorders for patients and their families seeking answers to their conditions. We are on a mission to help fellow Nepali Citizens to get international level neurological care right here without having them travel outside the country. Through partnership programs with NLAE, MDAN and GNHRC, Medharma Clinix ensures that patients receive only the best treatment and support available in Nepal and the surrounding South Asia region.

Indeed, our commitment to our tripartite mission of patient care, education, and research is stronger than ever.  Innovations in research and cutting-edge technologies continue to revolutionize the field and advances that were once inconceivable are now well within reach. We are closer than ever to providing real and lasting benefit to the many patients suffering with complex and often devastating neurological disorders especially  in the field of Epilepsy, Neuromuscular and Autonomic Disorders care in Nepal.

Dr. Ishan Adhikari MD, MS-HCM who is a USA Board Certified Clinical Neurophyisologist and Neurologist with advanced specialization in  Epilepsy/Seizures, Neuromuscular and Autonomic Disorders stands well poised to lead the next era of neurologic treatments ahead in Nepal.

As a patient, a student, a scholar, or a supporter of a brighter future for those living with chronic or acute neurologic disease, we invite you to visit us!

Dr. Ishan Adhikari MD,FAAN, MS-HCM 

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurophysiology
Epilepsy, Neuromuscular & Autonomic Disorders Specialist
Founder/CEO: Global Nepali Health & Research Center (GNHRC)
Founder/CEO Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDAN)
Founder/CEO: Nepali League Against Epilepsy (NLAE),

Dr. Ashmita Nepal is a highly qualified physician who completed her postgraduate training in Internal Medicine at the Nepal Medical College (NMC). Dr. Nepal joined Medharma CliniX with an interest in practicing evidence-based medicine in the field of Neurology and Internal Medicine. She has extensive experience in Neurology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Nepal is  well-admired by numerous patients for her affable and compassionate care.