• Travel Medicine services (pre-travel immunizations and consultation on other health-related issues, and management of diseases related to travel in countries in Asia, Africa, South America or elsewhere)
  • Travelers to new countries and continents, or those returning to them after a prolonged time, may be more vulnerable than those from the native communities to certain infections that are prevalent in the new place. Therefore, it is very important to make appropriate preparations prior to travel to such places, as well as to see an expert in such diseases if you get unwell during or shortly after travel.
  • A tropical and travel medicine expert would be able to help you obtain, or complete the series of, important vaccines that you need for your stay in Nepal, or for further travel to other countries advise you on the medications needed for preventing certain types of illnesses you might be at risk from advise you on other precautions and preparations needed provide you with appropriate consultation and arrange for the necessary medical services should you fall ill during your travel

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