Dr. Anup Subedee MD, MPH-TM
Dr Anup Subedee provides following services at Medharma Clinix.
  • Any type of problem associated with any organ system or any type of microbe/parasite, such as:
        – infections related to surgery or trauma
        – infections related to implanted hardwares such as joint implants, pacemaker, different types of catheters, etc.
        – chronic infections such as tuberculosis, leishmaniasis (e.g. kala-azar), chronic hepatitis B or C infections, HIV, infection, leprosy, etc.
        – infections with multi drug resistant organisms
        – infections in the setting of hypersensitivity to antibiotics
        – sexually transmitted illnesses, skin infections
        – complicated or difficult to treat infections, such as those of the heart, bones or joints, brain, spine, or elsewhere
        – infections in those with immunocompromised status such as those getting chemotherapy for cancer, etc.
        – acute infections such as acute fever, flu-like illnesses, dengue fever, scrub typhus, typhoid fever, diarrheal diseases, urinary tract infections, etc.
  •  Workup and management of fever of unknown origin
  • Evaluation of various acute or chronic non-communicable illnesses of different body systems, and longitudinal care for most of the common chronic ailment

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